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Consider Having Emergency Phones Installed On The Campus That You Patrol

Install emergency phones around the school campus that you patrol. Having a communication system that students and employees can easily reach can be lifesaving during times of emergency. There are many other benefits to consider that make emergency phones a better choice than other communication methods.

Phones Are Accessible And Weather Resistant

Emergency phones can be set up in areas that are easy to reach. The phones can be placed in a special housing unit that will protect them from weather conditions and prevent them from becoming damaged. Other models are made out of weather resistant materials. If a person does not have a cell phone of their own or if their cell phone’s battery isn’t charged, they will not be stopped from making a necessary call.

Phones Can Be Programmed 

A person who is in need of emergency services won’t have to look up the number that they need to call or fumble around while searching for the buttons that need to be pressed. They can simply pick up the phone and press the universal button. It will dial the police station, security staff, or another number that it is programmed to dial. The amount of time that can be saved because of this feature can be lifesaving. 

There Will Be No Lost Calls Or Loss Of Service

Cell phones sometimes do not work, depending upon the location. Other times, calls can be lost before a person is finished speaking. With an emergency phone, people do not have to worry about this occurring. They will be able to make their call and clearly state what the problem is without having to worry about any disruptions. Phones can be purchased that are also suitable for people who are blind or hearing impaired, making them useful for anyone in need. 

Phones Are Free To Use And May Make Your Job Easier

Because emergency phones are free for everyone to use, people won’t have to search for change before placing their calls. The phones can have special lights added to them which will alert people as to where they are located. Knowing that everyone on the campus has a way to contact help when necessary will alleviate some of the burden that you may experience on a regular basis.

You will have more time to focus on monitoring the grounds. If a situation arises that you have not witnessed, an emergency phone will be on hand to assist the person who needs help right away. Contact a phone company that has emergency phones for sale to learn more about these types of phones.

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Keeping Your Kiosk In Order: Tips to Avoid Business Blunders

Nothing turns off your customers more than an “Out of Order” sign, especially when it’s attached to one of your interactive kiosks. Unfortunately, many businesses simply aren’t as proactive as they should be about their inoperative kiosks. Letting a kiosk collect dust in public view is a risky decision that does more harm than good.

The Problem with Being “Out of Order”

Once the “Out of Order” sign goes on a kiosk, chances are it stays that way for some time. Instead of getting it back up and running ASAP, many businesses choose to defer essential repairs and maintenance. It’s understandable that a business must juggle and prioritize asset maintenance, but kiosks that aren’t ATMs or other machines that serve a mission-critical purpose often get lost in the shuffle.

A dead kiosk with a sign not only kneecaps end-user engagement, but it can also have a negative impact on your business’s appearance. After all, no one likes seeing broken machinery on the premises, as it causes your customers to wonder if the rest of your facilities are kept the same way. Allowing that sign to become a semi-permanent fixture can cost you dearly in terms of revenue and customer engagement.

Tackle Those Kiosk Problems Immediately

A proactive approach is always the best policy for dealing with interactive kiosks. Tackling problems as soon as they’re reported by your employees or customers is the key to getting your kiosk back online quickly.

It’s important for your employees to do more than just slap an “Out of Order” sign on a kiosk and call it a day. Have the employee look around and make sure the problem isn’t as simple as an unplugged power cord or a toggled switch. If the problem goes beyond that, have your IT team take a look at it as soon as possible.

If you can’t get your kiosk up and running quickly, having a backup machine on hand can help avoid “Out of Order” situations while your original machine is out for repairs. This way, you won’t have to interrupt your customers’ experience or lose revenue in the process.

Regular Maintenance is a Must

The best way to prevent “Out of Order” scenarios in the first place is through regularly scheduled maintenance. Regular software and firmware updates, along with physical cleaning and general upkeep are essential for preventing unscheduled downtime and the need for emergency repairs. It also helps extend the usable lifespan of your interactive assets.

Through proactive troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, there’s little chance that your kiosks will ever be put out of commission unexpectedly. For more tips or assistance, talk to experts such as I-Tech Company.

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