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Want To Become A Well-Rounded Individual? Turn On The TV!

Many individuals constantly seek new, creative methods of becoming well-rounded individuals, trying to glean as many skills as they can before old age hits them.If you’re in this boat, trying to absorb all kinds of knowledge and information that you can use in your daily life at home, work, or even at school, then you may be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to acquire all of these skills is by watching TV. People often say that watching too much television is bad for you, and that may be true to one extent or another, but there are times when watching TV is actually quite good for you. Here are a few of the ways in which watching TV will give you excellent life skills that can equip you for a wide variety of situations:

Provides the Ability to Multitask

First and foremost, watching TV gives you the ability to multitask. If you are a stay-at-home parent or just someone who works from home, turning on the TV while doing your other activities may be beneficial. When you first start out having the TV on while working, it may be a bit distracting for you, but over time, you will learn how to listen to the audio on the TV while working at the same time, glancing every so often at the screen to see what is going on, then getting back to work. If you can do anything while having the TV going in the background, then your multitasking skills will be greatly enhanced.

Teaches You About Specific Fields

Let’s say that you want to become a better cook. There are several channels on TV dedicated to cooking–some are cooking competitions, and others actually teach you how to cook various dishes from the comfort of your home. If you turn on one of these channels and take good notes, then you may be able to gain valuable tips and tricks from these shows or even learn new recipes altogether that you can try out on your friends and family members. Likewise, if you want to become better at math, you can turn on one of the local college channels offered in your area and take notes on the algebra problems that they do, then try to solve the problems on your own. If you want to be a tutor in math or if you want to go back to college but math has held you back for quite a while, you might be able to use the skills these channels provide you with to get better at what you need to do.

Helps You Make Wise Financial Decisions

While there are many commercials on TV that tell you to spend money on products that you don’t necessarily need, there are also many channels about budgeting and financial management. If you tune in to one of these channels, you can learn what sort of stocks and bonds you should invest in and which ones you should leave alone. You can also learn about debt consolidation, things you should pay with cash vs. credit for, how to make a budget, and more. As a result, with the information you glean from these shows, it is entirely possible for you to become a financially-responsible individual.

Hones That Competitive Edge Within You

TV helps hone a competitive edge within some of its viewers, and it may even help you in setting goals. For instance, if you are watching a TV show competition and you would really like to accomplish some of the things the contestants have accomplished, then you can follow their example by watching the show from start to finish, observing the steps that they take to achieve their goal, and then putting those things into practice in your own life–making any modifications to the process if necessary so that you can meet your own personal goals.

Watching TV isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, there are many wonderful things that happen as a result of watching television–it’s just a matter of which types of programming you choose to view. Whether you watch something entertaining your educational, the possibilities for TV’s provision of essential life skills to make you a well-rounded individual are truly endless. For more information on programming, contact companies like Valley TeleCom Group.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Copy Machine

A copy machine is an important part of your office. When it malfunctions or needs to be replaced, it can be a tremendous inconvenience or even an expense. Here are some things you can do to make sure your office copy machine is running smoothly, and to extend its life.

Don’t Overwork It: Every copy machine or printer comes from the manufacturer with a maximum monthly duty cycle, and a recommended monthly print volume. These two numbers can be very different. The maximum monthly duty cycle is the maximum number of pages that machine could ever produce in a month. It is not, however, a good idea to expect your copier to produce that many pages month after month.

The recommended monthly print volume tells you the number of pages your machine could print monthly to keep it working at it’s top performance. If you find yourself requiring your machine to print closer to it’s maximum monthly duty cycle every month, it will shorten the life span of your copier. Make sure you have a copier that’s recommended monthly print volume is close to the average number of copies you make each month.

Daily Checks: There are some small things you should be doing each day to make sure your copier will be working and ready to handle your office needs. You should clear paper jams as soon as they happen. You should also check paper drawers, wipe out dust, check toner levels, open and close the doors and drawers, and clean the rollers and glass as often as possible.

These are quick easy checks and tasks that someone in your office could learn to do by reading the operating manual for your machine. Taking the time to deal with dust buildup, ink buildup, or low toner levels as soon as they happen can prevent damage to your machine.

Major Service: In addition to the regular maintenance, you should have your machine serviced by a professional from time to time. The amount of time recommended between service is different for each machine, and it is important to know your machine and follow the recommendations.

The service may seem inconvenient but is vital to the longevity of your machine. The major service will include cleaning the paper path, rollers, and filters on your machine, as well as troubleshooting. Some copy machines come with a service agreement that includes these major maintenance checks.

Leave It To The Professionals: While some small things, like clearing paper jams, can easily be done in the office, it is important to know when you need to call a professional from your copier company. Copy machines are often wired to help you identify easy fixes like paper jams or low toner. If you come across a problem that is not easy to identify, it is a good idea to call a technician. This will prevent you from making the problem worse.

If you take the time to take proper care of your copy machine, it will be more reliable and will last longer. This can save your office time and money!

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