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Tips For Storing Your Photographs Online

Uploading photographs to the internet has become a routine part of many people’s lives. However, many people make some mistakes when they are uploading these images to their chosen websites. Fortunately, if you follow these two tips, you should help avoid some of the most problematic or worrisome problems that can arise from this action. 

Disable GPS Tagging

GPS technology has dramatically improved the usefulness of cell phones, but many people do not realize that some phones will tag every photograph taken with the GPS coordinates of the location. While this is usually not a problematic issue, it can allow someone from the internet to learn the exact location of where the picture was taken. 

Unfortunately, there is not a standard way of disabling this feature because it may depend on the model of phone that you used. However, it will usually be found on the general settings page or the photograph settings menu. By switching this feature off, you do not have to worry about nefarious people finding your address. 

Use More Than One Service For Storing Photos

Many people will make the mistake of storing all their photographs on a single website, and this may seem like a simple way of storing your pictures. However, it can leave your pictures vulnerable to being lost if something happened to the website or you lost your login information. Unfortunately, some people will use this approach because they do not want to have to remember to upload the images to multiple websites.

Fortunately, there are services that you can use to automatically update your accounts. When you use these services, you will need to save your pictures to a specific folder, and whenever the contents of the folder changes, the images will be uploaded to your services for you. However, it should be noted that these services usually have a small fee, and this may mean that they are targeted more for professional or high volume photographers. 

Backing up your photograph collection is an essential step for ensuring that you do not lose years of photographs due to a hardware failure. Fortunately, there are online services that you can use to help store these images where they are safe from problems with your computer. By following these two simple tips, you can help ensure that your photographs are stored in a way that will help you avoid problems.  For more information, contact Piccsy or a similar company.

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