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Does Your Business Have A Data Center? Room Maintenance You Should Be Doing

If your business has a data center, it should be one of your top priorities to take care of it. This is the room that houses the equipment for your computer network, and if your computers go down, you cannot run your business. Below are some maintenance tips on what you should be doing to ensure you have no problems.

Cool Servers

Your computer equipment will run better if it stays cool. Keep your servers cool per American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards.

Verify the temperature and humidity levels by checking multiple spots in the room and not just by checking the thermostat. If you continue to have hot spots in your data center room, consider installing fan assisted floor tiles in those areas to direct cool air up where it is needed. Hire an air conditioning technician for regular maintenance like changing out filters.


Ask someone to help you walk through the room and look for things that are out of place, such as tools, DVDs, CDs, logbooks, and documents. Make sure trash is emptied at the end of each day. Lock up any spare equipment in a separate room or place it in a locked storage cabinet in the same room.

Dust weekly to make sure contaminants, such as dust, skin, hair, and bugs, do not get into the equipment. You should never use a wet mop, but instead a slightly damp or dry mop.

Label Everything

Make sure everything in the room is labeled so it is understandable to anyone in the room. Label each piece of equipment, all outlets, and all cables. Keep these labels updated, and replace them when you replace the equipment. Consider using colored labels. For example, put green labels on all cabling, red labels on servers, and blue labels on battery backups.

Flooring, Walls, Ladder Racks, and Ceiling

Check to make sure the flooring, walls, ladder racks, and ceiling are in good condition. Look under the raised floor tiles to make sure the sub floor is in good condition and is stable, as well as the tiles themselves. Inspect ladder racks weekly to make sure they are safe for your employees to climb on. Check the ceilings and walls for any issues, such as cracks and holes.

You should consider hiring a data center hardware maintenance company to keep your data center up and running. They can make sure your current equipment is maintained properly, and they will know when you should upgrade or replace equipment.

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