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Are You At Risk For Losing Your Important Data? Learn 3 Ways To Back It Up

Your data is not always secure when it is on a hard drive, which is why hard drives have a failure rating.  They will fail at some point, and when they do, you won’t be able to access the data on it anymore.  Data centers realize this, with even the most reliable hard drives having a failure rate close to 1%, which is why they make sure that their data is backed up properly.

Thinking about the hard drive in your computer right now, when is the last time you backed up the data on it?  If you cannot remember, you are at a serious risk of losing important data due to a hard drive failure out of your control. Here are 3 ways that you can back up your data at home.

Blu-ray Data Discs

Chances are that you have some data on your computer that is very important to you.  This typically means home videos and digital photos.  These are the types of documents that you cannot recreate if lost, but once they are created, they don’t need to be accessed or modified anymore.

Consider using Blu-ray data discs to archive this type of data.  Blu-ray burning technology has become incredibly affordable recently, and USB hardware is easy to use on any computer with plug-and-play drivers.  Each standard disc can hold 25GB of data, and will cost you about $.07 per GB.

The low cost will also make it cheap to properly archive your data onto two sources.  You can keep one Blu-ray data disc at home, and keep another in your desk drawer at work or a safety deposit box.  It will ensure that even in a catastrophe that your data will be secure somewhere. 

External Hard Drives

When you need your computer to be backed up and running immediately after a hard drive crash, you will need a solution that keeps a continuous backup of your files.  An external hard drive will be one solution that is practical for the average user. 

You can purchase computer software that will create he continuous backup to an external drive, which will make sure that any data created will be instantly recoverable.  Unfortunately, this method lacks any sort of disaster recovery.  If your house were to burn down, or your computer and back up drive were stolen, you wouldn’t have any way to recover data. 

Cloud Storage

The safest way to ensure all your data is secure is to use a paid backup solution that stores your data in the cloud.  By transferring data over the Internet to an off-site data center, you will be protected even in worst-case scenarios.

If you didn’t set up a backup solution and you find that your hard drive has failed, you’ll need the help of a professional that does data recovery.  They will be able to copy as many files as they can off your hard drive so that they are not gone forever. 

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