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Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Uncategorized |

4 Ways To Keep Your Iphone 5 Charged While Traveling

If you ever been away from home using your iPhone 5, then you may have problems keeping your phone charged. Your battery tends to drain quickly because of the different apps running in the background. You can maintain your battery life by turning off the alerts from these programs.

However, if you want to use your favorite apps, then you should use different gadgets to keep your battery from draining quickly. Read on to find out four ways to keep your iPhone 5 charged while traveling.

Try A Charging Case

An iPhone 5 charging case is one of the ways to keep your smart phone charged while out and about. This type of case comes with built-in batteries that are always connected to your phone. It recharges at the same time you are charging your phone.

The case adds to the size and weight of your phone. However, it also adds a layer of protection. After your cellphone’s battery drains, you would get an additional 5 hours of battery life depending on your type of case.

Get A Portable Charger

A portable charger is another way to keep your phone charged. There are a variety of portable chargers on the market. It can charge your iPhone and itself at the same time. The charger doubles as a wall charger. It is also small and compact in size.

Find A Charging Station

A charging station is another option for keeping your cellphone charged when away from home. It is an area set up at stores, event locations and other commercial business. The station has multiple electrical outlets. You will need your USB cord and have to look for locations with charging stations.

Look For An Electrical Outlet

The most common solution is to find an electrical outlet. Most businesses have spare outlets and you can just plug in your phone. However, it would be polite to ask the business to use their electrical outlet. If the business allows you to use it, then you will need to carry your USB cord.

Smart phones are one of those gadgets that does close to everything. You can use it for streaming music, watching movies, taking pictures, shooting videos, playing games, making calls and texting. However, the more things your phone does than the more juice it uses. It can be frustrating to run out of battery life when traveling. You can keep your phone alive with supplemental rechargeable devices.

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