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Screen Secrets: 3 Things You Should Know About Your Phone’s Screen And Display

You and your fingers interact with your phone screen all day long, so you know all of its quirks and small imperfections. But there are a few things that might surprise you about your phone screen and your display, including the following:

Home screen scratch remedies

Scratches on your phone screen are distracting, and they detract from the overall look of your phone. To avoid having to get the screen replaced, you may be tempted to try some DIY-inspired scratch repair.

Before you try any folksy phone remedies, do some research. Read about other people’s experiences with screens exactly like your screen to find out which treatments actually work and which only make things worse.

According to this article, white erasers and car-headlight lens cleaners are effective, but petroleum jelly and corn starch are not. Some of the other treatments tested made the screens shiny, but didn’t cover cracks, while toothpaste actually made the screen look more worn.

An easy test for moisture damage

If you see moisture behind your phone screen, it may indicate serious damage to your phone, since water and liquids are substances that turn phones into bricks. If your phone has been submerged in water, drenched by a spilled drink, or stored in humid conditions, it may fail to charge properly or overheat, as well as having display issues.

There’s a simple way to tell if moisture has invaded the guts of your phone. You’ll need to access one of the liquid damage indicators, or LDIs, which are located both inside and outside of the battery.

The case must be removed, then the battery is pulled off to find the external LDI. Look for a small sticker with tiny X’s printed on it. If the printed X’s are light purple or pink, your phone is okay. If they’re deep purple or pink, your phone has suffered water damage and must be repaired. Individual devices may have variations of the LDI, so read your user manual to learn more. 

If you suspect that your phone has been damaged, contact a company like Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair to have your phone repaired.

New home screens offer customization

Spread your wings and try some of the new Android launchers that transform your home screen. Your phone should make it easy for you to perform your work, study, family, and social tasks directly from the home screen, and innovative new launchers help you do that.

Choose from the diverse array of launchers that help you keep track of the markets, download your favorite tunes, and play your favorite video games. Other home-screen launchers let you have 8 WP layouts or search-engine layouts.

Some home-screen launchers help you keep your favorite business contacts at hand, while others allow you to use gestures and single letters to launch applications. Do everything from keeping class notes to remembering appointments with the new screen functions and layouts available.