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Tips For Improving Online Game Coordination

If you play video games that are multiplayer, you might have noticed that it’s much easier to coordinate with a team of people that you know in real life or are at least talking to over a headset. This coordination can often lead you to win games at a higher rate because you are all synced up. For example, if you are playing with a team of people that you know or are able to talk to easily, you can all coordinate to make sure that each type of character is played so that you have full coverage of snipers, healers, tanks, and other types of characters, rather than having 3 snipers which can ruin a game quickly. Here are some tips for facilitating online game coordination.

1. Invest in a Popular Chat Service That’s Integrated Into the Game

The last thing that you want is to experience lag when you’re trying to game. This can cause you to die more frequently, be less accurate with your skill shots, and generally have a worse time. Luckily, there are chat services that are integrated with many different games as a lightweight addition to the game itself, rather than another, separate process running on your computer slowing it down.

Go online and find out what the current most popular chat function is. Install it. Then, when you are in a game lobby with teammates that you don’t know, you can offer to start a session of the chat function. If you have chosen the most popular one, chances are good that someone in the lobby will have it as well and will be willing to join your call. This is a great way to facilitate communication between strangers.

2. Find Online Communities

Another option is to find online communities of people who play the same game as you. Start a thread in the group’s forum about how you need people to play with. You are sure to receive a barrage of usernames that you and other people reading the thread can use to form full teams of people that they can communicate with. Ensure that you are using adequate safety measures such as not using your own name when you start contacting them.

3. Invite Teammates You’ve Recently Played With

Finally, friend teammates that you have recently played with and did well with. If you can’t find anyone else, asking people that you enjoyed playing with in a game to join a group is a great way to increase the chances that you will form a team of people who will all work well together.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in online gaming communities, such as ADK Gaming.

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How Your Machine Mechanics Can Benefit From Using Videoscopes

Running a successful manufacturing company involves finding ways to save time and money. When it comes to keeping the machines you use for production in good condition and operating full-time, finding techniques that will help you do so faster is a good idea. Check out how your machine mechanics can benefit from using videoscopes during repairs and maintenance.

Videoscopes Provide Detailed Images Of Internal Machine Parts

A videoscope is a piece of digital equipment with a long tube that has a camera on the distal tip while the other end is hooked into a video display. Most videoscopes have LED lights at the distal top for illuminating the area being filmed by the camera, making it easier to see on the display screen. Your mechanics can use the tube to see into deep areas of a machine that are not easily visible without taking apart the machine, saving time for repairs because the entire machine does not need to be disassembled. Mechanics can save time when they know before starting a repair where to go in the machine for fixing the problem.

Videoscopes Keep Image Files For Future Reference

When a mechanic uses a videoscope to look at a repair issue, he or she can save an image file for future reference. Saved image files can be useful when training new mechanics or when similar problems arise in your machinery again. Some videoscopes have dual objective lenses in the distal tip for making it possible to recreate three-dimensional images. When you can look at an image in a three-dimensional design, especially tiny machine parts, pinpointing repairs become a lot easier.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Part Replacements And Orders

In many cases, your mechanics may have guessed about a machine’s problems from a particular sound it was making or from a certain smell coming from it. While some experienced mechanics can correctly diagnose common problems in this way, there may be some mechanics that do not have that kind of experience. If your mechanics have ever ordered part replacements and took the time to tear down a machine to find the part ordered is wrong, you have lost money. The time it takes for exchanging the wrong parts is down time that interrupts your profits. When a mechanic can use a videoscope to see the problems up close, the risk of ordering the wrong parts is lower.

If you are considering ways to save time in your manufacturing plant, think about how your machine mechanics can save time and money when diagnosing repair issues. If you’re interested, check into videoscopes for sale in your area.

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4 Ways To Keep Your Iphone 5 Charged While Traveling

If you ever been away from home using your iPhone 5, then you may have problems keeping your phone charged. Your battery tends to drain quickly because of the different apps running in the background. You can maintain your battery life by turning off the alerts from these programs.

However, if you want to use your favorite apps, then you should use different gadgets to keep your battery from draining quickly. Read on to find out four ways to keep your iPhone 5 charged while traveling.

Try A Charging Case

An iPhone 5 charging case is one of the ways to keep your smart phone charged while out and about. This type of case comes with built-in batteries that are always connected to your phone. It recharges at the same time you are charging your phone.

The case adds to the size and weight of your phone. However, it also adds a layer of protection. After your cellphone’s battery drains, you would get an additional 5 hours of battery life depending on your type of case.

Get A Portable Charger

A portable charger is another way to keep your phone charged. There are a variety of portable chargers on the market. It can charge your iPhone and itself at the same time. The charger doubles as a wall charger. It is also small and compact in size.

Find A Charging Station

A charging station is another option for keeping your cellphone charged when away from home. It is an area set up at stores, event locations and other commercial business. The station has multiple electrical outlets. You will need your USB cord and have to look for locations with charging stations.

Look For An Electrical Outlet

The most common solution is to find an electrical outlet. Most businesses have spare outlets and you can just plug in your phone. However, it would be polite to ask the business to use their electrical outlet. If the business allows you to use it, then you will need to carry your USB cord.

Smart phones are one of those gadgets that does close to everything. You can use it for streaming music, watching movies, taking pictures, shooting videos, playing games, making calls and texting. However, the more things your phone does than the more juice it uses. It can be frustrating to run out of battery life when traveling. You can keep your phone alive with supplemental rechargeable devices.

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Are You At Risk For Losing Your Important Data? Learn 3 Ways To Back It Up

Your data is not always secure when it is on a hard drive, which is why hard drives have a failure rating.  They will fail at some point, and when they do, you won’t be able to access the data on it anymore.  Data centers realize this, with even the most reliable hard drives having a failure rate close to 1%, which is why they make sure that their data is backed up properly.

Thinking about the hard drive in your computer right now, when is the last time you backed up the data on it?  If you cannot remember, you are at a serious risk of losing important data due to a hard drive failure out of your control. Here are 3 ways that you can back up your data at home.

Blu-ray Data Discs

Chances are that you have some data on your computer that is very important to you.  This typically means home videos and digital photos.  These are the types of documents that you cannot recreate if lost, but once they are created, they don’t need to be accessed or modified anymore.

Consider using Blu-ray data discs to archive this type of data.  Blu-ray burning technology has become incredibly affordable recently, and USB hardware is easy to use on any computer with plug-and-play drivers.  Each standard disc can hold 25GB of data, and will cost you about $.07 per GB.

The low cost will also make it cheap to properly archive your data onto two sources.  You can keep one Blu-ray data disc at home, and keep another in your desk drawer at work or a safety deposit box.  It will ensure that even in a catastrophe that your data will be secure somewhere. 

External Hard Drives

When you need your computer to be backed up and running immediately after a hard drive crash, you will need a solution that keeps a continuous backup of your files.  An external hard drive will be one solution that is practical for the average user. 

You can purchase computer software that will create he continuous backup to an external drive, which will make sure that any data created will be instantly recoverable.  Unfortunately, this method lacks any sort of disaster recovery.  If your house were to burn down, or your computer and back up drive were stolen, you wouldn’t have any way to recover data. 

Cloud Storage

The safest way to ensure all your data is secure is to use a paid backup solution that stores your data in the cloud.  By transferring data over the Internet to an off-site data center, you will be protected even in worst-case scenarios.

If you didn’t set up a backup solution and you find that your hard drive has failed, you’ll need the help of a professional that does data recovery.  They will be able to copy as many files as they can off your hard drive so that they are not gone forever. 

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3 Common Printer Problems

Printers are more important today than you could ever imagine. They are used in work, school, and home settings across the globe. As much as they are a convenience for people like you, there are things that could go wrong at any point in time. Next thing you know, your printer isn’t working right and you are stuck trying to figure it out. Check out some of the common printer problems below and what you can do to correct them.

Printing seems to take forever.

When you print in a high resolution, it slows down the printing process. If you are looking for faster speed over the best resolution, opt for standard print mode. Another thing to look into is adding RAM to your printer to help speed things up. Printers that have gone into power save mode will take a little longer to wake up and print at normal speed.

The paper is jammed.

Paper jams happen all the time. The first place to start is by checking the paper’s path to see if there is anything blocking its way. As you prepare to remove the paper jam, make sure that you pull the paper straight out. Otherwise, you could end up with the paper tearing and a huge mess inside of the printer. Take your time and pull it out slowly. There is no need to try and yank it out quickly.

You can also double check to make sure the paper being used is the right one recommended for your printer. Straighten your stack just to be safe as this can cause problems with printing and pulling the paper through the feed.

The print job isn’t coming through.

When your paper doesn’t print to your printer, you should first double-check to ensure it was sent to the right printer. Next, check to see if there is enough paper in the printer tray. If all else fails, you can restart the printer and see if that fixes the problem. Double-check to see if the printer is connected to the network. Lastly, try restarting your computer and seeing if that kicks it back in for you.

The three things above are the most common problems, but they aren’t all of the possible problems. There are numerous other things that could end up going wrong with your printer. When all else fails, turn to a printer repair technician to get to the bottom of the problem for you.

For printer repair, contact a company such as Royal Business Systems, Inc.

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