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3 Big Reasons Having a Mobile App for Your Business Is an Excellent Marketing Strategy

If you are like the average consumer, you use some type of app everyday on your smartphone or mobile device. As a business owner, this high reliance on apps should get your marketing strategy ideas on a roll. The fact is, apps are an excellent tool to use to reach into your marketing endeavors and pull out a much more modern way of doing things that are highly effective with consumers and for your business. If you think working with a mobile app developer would be a waste of your time and resources as a business owner, it is a good idea to take a look at these three big reasons why having a mobile app for your business is an excellent marketing strategy. 

Mobile apps can be geared toward whatever consumer you choose. 

Mobile apps are highly flexible platforms that can do all kinds of things, from allowing customers quick and easy access to your online storefront to making it possible to upload sizes from their phone to have clothing custom made. The high versatility of mobile apps means they can be created to be geared toward whatever population you choose and that is often the key to seeing a return on any marketing strategy. For example, if you have a product geared toward women, you can have an app developed that would be of particular interest to the female population, such as an app that helps pick the right makeup colors for their skin tone. 

Mobile apps put your marketing efforts in the hands of people without a lot of effort. 

Normal marketing often involves a lot of guesswork. You may pay to have a commercial created and then hope it is ran at a time when the most consumers will see it or develop an online ad and place it somewhere you hope it will be noticed. Creating an app that is relative to your business with the hidden agenda of marketing means that the app can easier be placed in an avenue it is likely to be seen. 

Mobile apps are easy to alter and upgrade. 

Just a few new ideas in marketing and it can mean completely changing every ad, commercial, or sign you have up. However, with mobile apps, a developer can go in and tweak the program and make changes for every app holder across the board. It is much easier to change up digital marketing ideas than it is anything else. 

For more information, contact a business such as App Makers LA.

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Are Scanners Still Valid Office Equipment? Your Questions Answered

Scanners used to be the size of a thick laptop or word processor and utilized a copy bed and a flip-open lid. Now, you can use scanning devices that fit in the palm of your hand, stand up on your desk, and are even incorporated into desktop printers. The question (among others) that remains then is whether scanners are still a valid piece of office equipment? That question, plus a few others, are answered below.

Are Scanners Still Valid Office Equipment?

The answer to this question may surprise you, but yes, scanners are still valid office equipment. In doctors’ offices and clinics they scan your ID and your medical-insurance cards. In business, they create quick, easy-to-file copies of reports and documents, which are then sent as email attachments or filed under specific folders on your desktop or laptop computer. When you do not have a functioning fax machine, other businesses accept the scanned copies of originals in order to get the documents needed within the same hour of requesting them.

Can Scanners Copy Both Sides of a Printed Sheet or Card at the Same Time?

Old-school scanners could copy only one side at a time, and that made them tedious to use. Now you can scan both sides of a printed paper document or card as long as the scanner is equipped to do so. Usually only a basic handheld model of a scanner scans a single page. Most of the other scanners you can buy for office and personal use will scan both sides of anything you put into it or feed through it.

Can You Print a Copy of the Scanned Items and Include Both Sides on a Single Sheet?

So, if you want to scan and print both sides of an ID card on a single sheet of paper, you can. You may have to select the size of the print in the software for the scanner and then select the paper size to print. That alone should give you enough room on the page to print your scanned item, front and back, on one side of a single sheet of paper.

Most scanners are incorporated into printers and copiers as well as multi-function office machines. If you want just the scanner for desktop use, lots of office supply stores carry them. You may even be able to find the handheld scanners at hobby and craft stores in their paper craft departments.

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Residential Security Starts With You

Enhancing the security at your home with an alarm system and other features is, no doubt, one of the best ways you can protect your home. But effective home security starts with you. No matter how good of a system you have, if you don’t take some precautions, you can increase your chances of someone trying to get in. And even if you have a top-of-the-line alarm monitoring service watching your home that foils the person trying to get in, the attempt itself is scary. Do what you can to make your home look unattractive to crooks with these steps.

Lock Things

Close your windows and doors when you leave or go to sleep, and lock them. While this is simple, many people, particularly those in areas considered safe, don’t lock windows and doors and sometimes don’t even close them. Don’t make your home an easy target. Even safe areas can be subject to problems because it doesn’t take long before crooks figure out that no one’s locking up. If you lock your doors and windows, you can discourage a large percentage of crooks who are simply looking for an easy, fast hit.

Watch Social Media Post Subjects 

Telling friends you’re going to be gone on this or that day for a trip or showing off jewelry, for example, can really put you in crooks’ sights. This is what police in Paris think led to the frightening robbery of Kim Kardashian in October 2016. She had constantly broadcast her location and the items she had with her, so the crooks likely knew exactly when and where they could find her and grab her jewelry. You don’t have to have Kardashian-level wealth in order to be a target, though. Tone down the posts about your adventures and acquisitions.

Trust but Verify

Ronald Reagan’s famous line may be controversial politically, but it’s good advice for security. If someone unknown to you shows up at your door and you aren’t sure if they are someone to worry about or really just the salesperson they claim to be, don’t panic, but verify who they are — and if you can’t, do not open that door. In other words, trust that you don’t have to start panicking just because someone’s on the other side of the door, but if you can’t verify who they are, then you need to keep that door closed and send the person away, or call police if you decide it’s warranted.

Your home alarm system company can go over other security strategies with you. Sometimes these companies or your local police department can send representatives over to do a security check of your entire residence. For more information, contact local professionals like Tele-Plus

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3 Benefits Of Investing In Day Trading Software

If you are like many people, you might have heard of trading stocks, but you might have never actually done it. However, day trading with the right software program can actually be a very beneficial thing that you might just want to look into. These are a few benefits of investing in day trading software.

1. Make Money Without Working a Traditional Job

In today’s world, finding a job can be difficult. Even if you are able to find a job, it might not be one that provides you with all of the income that you need to make a living. For some people, working is impossible as well, such as if they are disabled or if they have children and aren’t able to leave them at home or with a babysitter during the day. The great thing about day trading is that it can allow you to make a income without having a traditional job.

2. Make Your Profits By the End of the Day

Some people have trouble with the idea of investing because they don’t like the fact that they have to wait to make their money. The good thing about day trading when compared to other types of investing is the fact that you can get your profits by the end of the day. This means that you don’t have to wait to take advantage of the benefits.

3. Enjoy Trading Without Anyone Else’s Help

A lot of people who are interested in trading stocks think that they will have to work with a broker in order to do so. The idea can be a bit overwhelming, since you have to worry about finding a broker who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. If you’re the type of person who would rather do things yourself than hire someone to help you with them, then the idea of using a software program over having to hire a professional to assist you can be much more appealing. Luckily, day trading software allows you to handle it all on your own.

As you can see, investing in day trading software can be a wonderful thing, whether you have bought and sold stocks in the past or if you have never done so at all. There are a lot of different software programs out there that you can look into, so consider doing your research and buying one of these programs so that you can take advantage of these things and more.

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NAT IP Address Release: Bulk May Be Better

People who are trying to assign Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to devices on a network are often consumed by the question of whether to get static or dynamic IPs. If you’re trying to sell IP addresses, though, keep your eyes on another decision that people will eventually have to make: Network Address Translation (NAT) versus one-to-one IP address setups. If you have any NAT addresses that you can spare, you may want to set them aside for potential sale because eventually, people will have to use NAT more and more.

Dwindling IP Addresses

People need IP addresses in order to do anything on the Internet, and as more devices start accessing the Internet, demand for addresses will increase. However, the number of available IP addresses is dwindling. This has led to the creation of NAT, in which several devices (usually a bank of computers, such as you’d find in an office) are connected to one IP address that serves as an umbrella with ports used as extensions (so each computer ends up having something resembling its own IP address). That one address allows each computer to reach the web without requiring addresses of their own, so you can see how helpful that can be as available IP addresses become scarce.

Normally each computer would have its own address, a type known as one to one. But that creates a problem as companies expand or start up. There will be more competition for these addresses, and if you can offer an alternative in the form of available NAT addresses, you could create a loyal customer base that may refer others to you.

Available as Both Static and Dynamic

Network Address Translation is available for both dynamic and static setups, and the advantages and disadvantages are generally the same for NAT as they are for one to one. Static setups are good for companies that need customers to always be able to access the company’s servers while dynamic setups tend to have better security because of the ever-changing IP address.

Really, all that is happening with NAT is that the main IP address acts as a doorway for several computer connections. However, that condensed access is going to become vital for Internet access in general as more people try to connect. NAT is already used by many companies, but as more companies start up, there will be more demand.

Visit sites such as to look into your opportunities. 

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Screen Secrets: 3 Things You Should Know About Your Phone’s Screen And Display

You and your fingers interact with your phone screen all day long, so you know all of its quirks and small imperfections. But there are a few things that might surprise you about your phone screen and your display, including the following:

Home screen scratch remedies

Scratches on your phone screen are distracting, and they detract from the overall look of your phone. To avoid having to get the screen replaced, you may be tempted to try some DIY-inspired scratch repair.

Before you try any folksy phone remedies, do some research. Read about other people’s experiences with screens exactly like your screen to find out which treatments actually work and which only make things worse.

According to this article, white erasers and car-headlight lens cleaners are effective, but petroleum jelly and corn starch are not. Some of the other treatments tested made the screens shiny, but didn’t cover cracks, while toothpaste actually made the screen look more worn.

An easy test for moisture damage

If you see moisture behind your phone screen, it may indicate serious damage to your phone, since water and liquids are substances that turn phones into bricks. If your phone has been submerged in water, drenched by a spilled drink, or stored in humid conditions, it may fail to charge properly or overheat, as well as having display issues.

There’s a simple way to tell if moisture has invaded the guts of your phone. You’ll need to access one of the liquid damage indicators, or LDIs, which are located both inside and outside of the battery.

The case must be removed, then the battery is pulled off to find the external LDI. Look for a small sticker with tiny X’s printed on it. If the printed X’s are light purple or pink, your phone is okay. If they’re deep purple or pink, your phone has suffered water damage and must be repaired. Individual devices may have variations of the LDI, so read your user manual to learn more. 

If you suspect that your phone has been damaged, contact a company like Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair to have your phone repaired.

New home screens offer customization

Spread your wings and try some of the new Android launchers that transform your home screen. Your phone should make it easy for you to perform your work, study, family, and social tasks directly from the home screen, and innovative new launchers help you do that.

Choose from the diverse array of launchers that help you keep track of the markets, download your favorite tunes, and play your favorite video games. Other home-screen launchers let you have 8 WP layouts or search-engine layouts.

Some home-screen launchers help you keep your favorite business contacts at hand, while others allow you to use gestures and single letters to launch applications. Do everything from keeping class notes to remembering appointments with the new screen functions and layouts available.

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