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4 Ways To Keep Your Iphone 5 Charged While Traveling

If you ever been away from home using your iPhone 5, then you may have problems keeping your phone charged. Your battery tends to drain quickly because of the different apps running in the background. You can maintain your battery life by turning off the alerts from these programs.

However, if you want to use your favorite apps, then you should use different gadgets to keep your battery from draining quickly. Read on to find out four ways to keep your iPhone 5 charged while traveling.

Try A Charging Case

An iPhone 5 charging case is one of the ways to keep your smart phone charged while out and about. This type of case comes with built-in batteries that are always connected to your phone. It recharges at the same time you are charging your phone.

The case adds to the size and weight of your phone. However, it also adds a layer of protection. After your cellphone’s battery drains, you would get an additional 5 hours of battery life depending on your type of case.

Get A Portable Charger

A portable charger is another way to keep your phone charged. There are a variety of portable chargers on the market. It can charge your iPhone and itself at the same time. The charger doubles as a wall charger. It is also small and compact in size.

Find A Charging Station

A charging station is another option for keeping your cellphone charged when away from home. It is an area set up at stores, event locations and other commercial business. The station has multiple electrical outlets. You will need your USB cord and have to look for locations with charging stations.

Look For An Electrical Outlet

The most common solution is to find an electrical outlet. Most businesses have spare outlets and you can just plug in your phone. However, it would be polite to ask the business to use their electrical outlet. If the business allows you to use it, then you will need to carry your USB cord.

Smart phones are one of those gadgets that does close to everything. You can use it for streaming music, watching movies, taking pictures, shooting videos, playing games, making calls and texting. However, the more things your phone does than the more juice it uses. It can be frustrating to run out of battery life when traveling. You can keep your phone alive with supplemental rechargeable devices.

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Are You At Risk For Losing Your Important Data? Learn 3 Ways To Back It Up

Your data is not always secure when it is on a hard drive, which is why hard drives have a failure rating.  They will fail at some point, and when they do, you won’t be able to access the data on it anymore.  Data centers realize this, with even the most reliable hard drives having a failure rate close to 1%, which is why they make sure that their data is backed up properly.

Thinking about the hard drive in your computer right now, when is the last time you backed up the data on it?  If you cannot remember, you are at a serious risk of losing important data due to a hard drive failure out of your control. Here are 3 ways that you can back up your data at home.

Blu-ray Data Discs

Chances are that you have some data on your computer that is very important to you.  This typically means home videos and digital photos.  These are the types of documents that you cannot recreate if lost, but once they are created, they don’t need to be accessed or modified anymore.

Consider using Blu-ray data discs to archive this type of data.  Blu-ray burning technology has become incredibly affordable recently, and USB hardware is easy to use on any computer with plug-and-play drivers.  Each standard disc can hold 25GB of data, and will cost you about $.07 per GB.

The low cost will also make it cheap to properly archive your data onto two sources.  You can keep one Blu-ray data disc at home, and keep another in your desk drawer at work or a safety deposit box.  It will ensure that even in a catastrophe that your data will be secure somewhere. 

External Hard Drives

When you need your computer to be backed up and running immediately after a hard drive crash, you will need a solution that keeps a continuous backup of your files.  An external hard drive will be one solution that is practical for the average user. 

You can purchase computer software that will create he continuous backup to an external drive, which will make sure that any data created will be instantly recoverable.  Unfortunately, this method lacks any sort of disaster recovery.  If your house were to burn down, or your computer and back up drive were stolen, you wouldn’t have any way to recover data. 

Cloud Storage

The safest way to ensure all your data is secure is to use a paid backup solution that stores your data in the cloud.  By transferring data over the Internet to an off-site data center, you will be protected even in worst-case scenarios.

If you didn’t set up a backup solution and you find that your hard drive has failed, you’ll need the help of a professional that does data recovery.  They will be able to copy as many files as they can off your hard drive so that they are not gone forever. 

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3 Common Printer Problems

Printers are more important today than you could ever imagine. They are used in work, school, and home settings across the globe. As much as they are a convenience for people like you, there are things that could go wrong at any point in time. Next thing you know, your printer isn’t working right and you are stuck trying to figure it out. Check out some of the common printer problems below and what you can do to correct them.

Printing seems to take forever.

When you print in a high resolution, it slows down the printing process. If you are looking for faster speed over the best resolution, opt for standard print mode. Another thing to look into is adding RAM to your printer to help speed things up. Printers that have gone into power save mode will take a little longer to wake up and print at normal speed.

The paper is jammed.

Paper jams happen all the time. The first place to start is by checking the paper’s path to see if there is anything blocking its way. As you prepare to remove the paper jam, make sure that you pull the paper straight out. Otherwise, you could end up with the paper tearing and a huge mess inside of the printer. Take your time and pull it out slowly. There is no need to try and yank it out quickly.

You can also double check to make sure the paper being used is the right one recommended for your printer. Straighten your stack just to be safe as this can cause problems with printing and pulling the paper through the feed.

The print job isn’t coming through.

When your paper doesn’t print to your printer, you should first double-check to ensure it was sent to the right printer. Next, check to see if there is enough paper in the printer tray. If all else fails, you can restart the printer and see if that fixes the problem. Double-check to see if the printer is connected to the network. Lastly, try restarting your computer and seeing if that kicks it back in for you.

The three things above are the most common problems, but they aren’t all of the possible problems. There are numerous other things that could end up going wrong with your printer. When all else fails, turn to a printer repair technician to get to the bottom of the problem for you.

For printer repair, contact a company such as Royal Business Systems, Inc.

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Three Reasons You Should Get A New Video Intercom System With A New Dog

A new puppy is an exciting addition to the family. When you have a new dog, you need to get him acclimated to a new schedule, including feeding times, walk times, and time alone. If you want to make training your puppy a little bit easier, consider getting an intercom system. Here is how installing a voice activated and video intercom system can help both you and your new dog.

Puppies will need voice reassurance

New puppies tend to get anxious being in a new place by themselves. If there are not other dogs around especially, your puppy may become anxious. There can be physical ramifications for a puppy being anxious, including a dog refusing to eat and drink or howling until a person has returned. Both of these behaviors can have negative effects for you and your dog. If you are able to use the intercom, both in home and away to talk to your dog, you can reassure them that everything is ok and gain their acceptance towards them not being able to see you physically, but not acting anxious during the separation.

You can detect bad habits

It takes some pet owners moving a sofa to find out that their animal has been relieving themselves in the house. Other pet owners do not notice bite and scratch marks on table corners or chair legs until they are noticeably scratched up a few months down the line. Once a dog has developed and kept a bad habit, it can be difficult and time-consuming to retrain them. It can also be cost prohibitive to replace destroyed items. By installing a video intercom and tuning into the room your dog is roaming around in, you can find out a lot about their habits and if they need any behavioral redirection before the issue has gotten out of hand.

You can monitor activity levels

The sleeping and exercise habits of a dog can tell a lot about their health. Dogs tend to sleep more than humans, with 12 to 14 hours being normal for most, and puppies needing around 18 hours. The only way you truly know just how much sleep your puppy is getting and how much exercise your dog is receiving during the day is by monitoring them throughout the day. With a video intercom that you can monitor from your computer or tablet, you can spy on your puppy in-home to see if they spend their days lounging around on couches, or if they like to run up and down the steps. If your dog beings to exhibit sleep and play behavior that is irregular for them, you will notice quickly and can take them to the vet for intervention early on.

For intercom systems, contact a company such as Alpine Electronics and Communications​.

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Understanding The Basics Of Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

As a product manufacturer, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve the design and functionality of your product. If you’re considering redevelopment of a product line, one of the changes you should consider is replacing the rigid circuit boards with rigid-flex printed circuit boards instead. If you’re not familiar with these boards, here’s a look at the basics you should know.

What Exactly Are Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

Rigid-flex circuit boards are a blend of rigid and flex circuitry. This gives them the best of both designs, with features from both types of boards working together to create a functional unit. Most of the rigid-flex board designs feature several layers of flexible substrates that are attached to rigid circuit boards.

What Are the Benefits of Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

The combination of the circuit board designs produces a product with many benefits. Here are a few of the benefits that you might get from investing in this type of circuit board.

  • Versatility – The flexible circuitry gives you the freedom to shape the product in virtually any design without sacrificing the precision of the printed circuit board.
  • Stability – With so many different layers all working together, these boards have a strong foundation that builds on the structural stability of the rigid circuit board. At the same time, the flexible circuit board provides just enough flexibility and movement that the board isn’t as likely to snap in high-pressure placements.
  • Security – When you have a stable circuit board that you can put into just about any application, you’ll have the confidence that your board can maintain the connections necessary for the product to function. This ensures lasting stability and security of the connections for the board to respond and communicate properly.

Where Can You Use Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

You can use rigid-flex circuit boards in many different applications, from commercial products to industrial equipment. You can use them in small electronics, manufacturing equipment and even aircraft. Many consumer products, hand-held devices and even medical tools use rigid-flex printed circuit boards in their design. With so many possible applications, you’re sure to be able to use these boards in any design that you’re working on.

Now that you understand the basics of rigid flex circuit boards, you’ll be able to evaluate them objectively to determine if they are right for you. With several advantages to using boards like these, you may find that they are an ideal choice for your new products.

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Four Tips To Help You Get Start With A Small Business Telephone System

If you have a small business, having the right technology is important to success. Telephone and communications are an important part of this. You may need to have more than a single line for your business, as well as incorporate features like forwarding and voicemail. Here are some tips to help you start setting up a telephone system for your small business: 

1. Choosing The Type Of System To Use For Your Business

There are many different types of telephone systems to choose from. You can have a traditional T1 telephone line, or you may choose to have a VoIP system for your business. Each of these has different benefits, but the telephone system, routing and other features inside your business will be the same. 

2. Routing Solutions For The Different Lines Of Your Business

Routing for your business is handled by a PBX box, which is a type of telephone server. The service can route calls to the secretary, intercom or other features of your system. For a basic system, you may only need to have a single router. If you have a larger business with more extensions, you may need a larger PBX solution and switches for your telephone system.

3. Integrating Other Communications Solutions Into Your Telephone Systems

An important aspect to consider when you want to install a telephone system is the other types of communications you want to integrate into the system. An analog system may limit the features you can have, but can be more affordable. If you have a digital system, you will have more options for the type of communications you can have integrated into your telephone systems.

4. Leaving Room For Expansion Of Telephone Systems As Your Business Grows

You may also want to start small and expand your telephone system as your business grows. With newer modular systems, you will easily be able to expand services to your system, but these systems may not be ideal for some businesses, such as a call center with very large systems. For larger systems, you will have better performance with servers and switches that are designed to handle the communications traffic of your business.

These are some tips to help you get started with choosing a telephone system for your business. If you need modern communication for your business, contact a professional telephone service (such as Livewire Communications) to get help setting up the communications of your business. 

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